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Origin:  Vancouver, B.C. 


Genres:  Alt-Rock


Years Active:  2022 - 





About Us

Introducing BLUESTEM, with members Braden Poitras, John Andrew, Reese Michael, Chad Martens and Ryan Mills. Their debut EP Endlessly features a harmony heavy dual vocalist combo inspired by bands such as Alice in Chains and Alexisonfire. The seven track EP is an expression of uncertainty, loss, acceptance and re-determination of self against adversity. Expect high-energy, rock-inspired riffs, with moments of verby guitar chords and choppy drum fills. 

Manitoba boys, John, Reese and Chad were doing shows under Easy Trance in Winnipeg. Soon after, the group moved to Vancouver in 2018 and continued doing shows into 2020 before shifting focus towards the creation of what would eventually become BLUESTEM. With the arrival of (Vocalist) Braden Poitras, who had moved to BC from Manitoba in 2021, the group started experimenting with a heavier sound pairing up with former collaborators (Guitarist & Vocalist) John Andrew, (Bassist) Reese Michael and (Percussionist) Chad Martens. The writing process began with Braden and John throwing out ideas over a guitar riff which repeated in the background as they exchanged lyrics and settled into the same vibe they shared while working together in previous bands. In no time, the lyrics for Endlessly emerged to meet the guitar’s haunting, yet familiar chords. The band would go on to recruit long-time friend (Guitarist) Ryan Mills. Endlessly is the collective product of each member, forged from formative years and catapulted forward into the present. It serves as the precursor for the band’s future sound and its creation laid the groundwork for every song that made its way to this EP.  Heavy, yet melodic guitars paired with insightful, bitter-sweet lyrics, resonating bass, and all-encompassing drums. Since forming in 2022 they have performed in various venues around Vancouver's lower mainland such as Buddha's, Victory Square Events, Lanalous, Bully’s Studios, Stemfest and a multitude of private events.

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